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The Q" Gospel" Myth

author: Dr. Eta Linnemann

size: ~ 5 MB - - - - 8 pages (PDF file in image format)

file name: Q_all.pdf

The original article was actually titled: IS THERE A GOSPEL OF Q? It was first published in an August 1995 issue of BIBLE REVIEW, vol XI, number 4. BIBLE REVIEW is no longer published, however its parent is the Biblical Archaeology Review, which is (thankfully) still published. Permission was granted to reproduce this fine article.

In this copy of the article, Dr Linnemann presents some sound, rational reasons why this myth (Q) is indeed a myth. She presents good solid Biblical references and and notes. This copy is printable, so print it out and read it. You will be glad you did!!

Biblical Archaeology Review (often referred to as "BAR")

4710 41st street NW,

Washington D.C.




TITLE: MOSES AND PAUL, the Dispensers of Law and Grace

AUTHOR: Cornelius Stam

DATE: 1956

SIZE: 249,175 bytes - - - 31 pages - - - PDF format

This digital copy brings to more readers this excellent work by the late Cornelius Stam. Stam compares the ministries of the two GREATEST human ministers in the BIBLE, Moses - Law, and Paul - grace. Stam illuminates the incredible similarities and types seen in both their ministries. An example of clear insight into the Word, with emphasis upon the UNITY of Scripture. Very educational, and very easy to understand.

Print out this copy and present one to your pastor, your entire congregation (or family, et al) will thank you!


TITLE: Characteristics of the Four Gospels

AUTHOR: Andrew Jukes

DATE: first edition 1853, (this above is the 13th edition)

SIZE: ~ 843,000 bytes - - -100 pages - - - PDF format,

An inspiring read. Instead of presenting the current method (criticism, or questioning the validity of the text or authorship) this book helps saints to understand better the Four Gospels. Absolutely engaging. Much needed teaching in this day and age. A beautiful resource for Bible study groups, and sermon material. [NOTE: the first edition is also available as a Google download, full view]. This 13th edition has only minor changes from the first. Text is no longer under copyright.

Homiletic, devotional, but lacking a sound dispensational perspective, however it rarely raises dispensational issues.a

s M. Robinson Burton Mack John Kloppenborg Robin Ngo

TITLE: Recognizing God's Word

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

size: 382,582 bytes - - - 18 pages - - - PDF format

I may not fit the "obviously inspired minds", but I work hard at trying to produce materials which promote or clarify God's Word. And for me it is a lot of work. This essay is very important as it makes clear how any elected person (a believing Christian) can understand God's Word as it appears in nearly any translation, or as it appears scattered amongst numerous manuscripts or variant readings. It is encouraging to know that God's Word is there, in its entirety, for any believer to access; it is a supernatural gift from God to His children! Always and fully preserved.

Nice sharp map displaying the boundaries of Samaria in Jesus' day. Map makes it clear that to navigate from one end of Israel to the other, one must pass through Samaria (or take the long route around). Many devout Jews went around Samaria. Jesus met the "woman at the well", in Samaria: and left us with some wonderful teaching! Click on thumbnail to view, download et cetera. Fits on an 8.5 x 11 inch page. Monochrome.


A nice sharp map from one of K. Lake's works. It shows the boundaries of Galatia during Paul's visits to the region. Its boundaries impact the dating of the epistle to the Galatians (which in itself is an interesting study). To me the map is correct, and hence Paul did write "Galatians" in the early part of his ministry (probably A.D. 51). Map fits in an 8.5 x 11 inch landscape format page. Uses a little bit of color. Click on thumbnail image to view, or download et cetera.




Failure to Inherit in Galatians 5:21

SIZE: about 150 KB ---- contains 11 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (2013)

If you as a Christian practiced, did practice, or plan to practice drug abuse, or adultery (et cetera), will you lose your salvation? Is there an inheritance from God for you? if so what. A brief essay which should comfort the skeptical. Praise God for His precious Word, it is indeed a comfort!!!


TITLE: Drugs and the Christian

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

size: ~ 123,000 bytes - - - 11 pages - - - PDF format

Proper drug use (medications) is dicusssed, with a Biblical perspective.



TITLE: Welding and Theology

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

size: 397,977 bytes - - - 13 pages - - - PDF format

My reviews, book reviews and other types of analyses and reviews, are my honest opinions. Some are raw, even brutal. Some cheerful and delightful, all are revealing. Here, in this expose, one will find my explanation as to why I may appear harsh.



TITLE: An Inspired English Bible?

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

size: 2MB. - - - 9 pages - - - PDF format

Is not God able to provide the English speaking world with a perfect, Inspired English Bible? Is He not capable? Has He already? Why read, learn or study Greek or Hebrew? A short penetrating essay addressing these common questions. inerrant inerrancy inspiration Peter Ruckman

PDF title: Inspired English Bible.pdf: Dani

sh KJV onlyism Carl F. H.


The Mission and or Purpose of the Christian Church Today

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

size: ~ 157,000 bytes - - - 35 pages - - - PDF format

What of the popular and great denominations? What is a church? What is the church supposed to be doing today? A penetrating analysis, sober and relevant. (updated and corrected 2017)

PDF title: Church_Mission.pdf





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