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TEXT in FOCUS - Hebrews 10:25

SIZE: ~ 2.5 MB - - - contains 7 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Is someone making you feel guilty, when you cannot find a suitable church to worship in? Do they throw Hebrews 10:25 at you? Cast it back!!



A Tidbit on the PERICOPE ADULTERAE (John 7:53-8:11)

SIZE: 517,473 bytes --- CONTAINS 3 pages (PDF)

compiler: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Information about a papyrus Canon Table from Egypt - dated circa A.D. 450-550. Which appears to include the PA.


A SUGGESTED READING IN PAPYRUS >, [P46] at I Corinthians 2:1

SIZE: 2.9 MB --- CONTAINS 8 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

A demonstration of TC at work. Uses good images and corrects Kenyon's transcription of this papyrus as well as most Greek text editions.



TEXT in FOCUS: Luke 1:1-3

SIZE: 229,443 bytes - - - CONTAINS 8 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

A brief discussion about a few words in this important passage. Corrects some modern translations (such as the Bible titled: God's Word).



My 10 Cents On the Long Ending of Mark

SIZE: 52,531 bytes --- CONTAINS 8 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

A short, simple explanation why I think some folks omit Mark 16:9-20.




Gender Related Issues in the Greek New Testament

SIZE: ~ 1.3 MB - - - 21 pages PDF format

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Gender related translation issues have fueled the production of new English translations. In this new translation frenzy, this essay provides some sane advice and a few practical suggestions. A must read.





An Evaluation of the Phrase Te Prwton Kai as Found in the New Testament

SIZE: ~117,000 ---- CONTAINS 15 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Enlightening! Clarifies several misconceptions! Encourages study of Greek semantics as well, even those little items we often take for granted. Another related essay "A Star for Martin Luther" is seen below. This essay does indeed provide a NEW approach to the understanding of this simple phrase - which has numerous ramifications! Check it out!!




Are All Men Created Equal? An Issue in Semantics

SIZE: 73,567 bytes ---- CONTAINS 13 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

The source and meaning for this famous phrase in the Declaration of Independence. A phrase NOT supported by any Biblical text. One of the few essays by Mr. Dykes in which one may glimpse some of his political sentiments. A well referenced piece of work. Thought PROVOKING!! Not like some of the "wild-eyed" conspiracy type essays seen scattered all over the Internet.



Text in Focus - John 14:1-3

SIZE: ~ 3.3 MB - - - - contains 8 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (2012)

You have something far better than just a mansion supposedly awaiting you in heaven. Illustrates a better hope, and gives some good info on the rapture issue.



The Meaning of the Word "ISRAEL" and Its Development by the Apostle Paul

SIZE: 1.5 MB ---- CONTAINS 15 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Displays a simple, sane, linguistic technique to ascertain meaning in the Biblical texts. The issue (the meaning) is settled in my mind, yet people still fight over this word's meaning. Scholarly, yet readable.


A basic chart for learning the basic prepositions as concerns their spatial relationships. Useful for teaching, download and print! Uses an old-fashioned format, the sphere! Click on thumb.

About 1 MB in size.



A Star for Martin Luther

SIZE: 214,724 bytes ---- CONTAINS 6 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

A companion essay for the "...Te Prwton Kai" essay (above). Herein however, I illuminate one of Martin Luther's great translation efforts!




SIZE: 83,467 bytes - - - contains 2 pages (PDF)

author: Roman Jakobson (circa 1949)

A brief, clearly articulated case for the obvious need for prescriptive grammars. Today the focus is upon descriptive grammars, but as this great linguist reminds us, we MUST never forget or ignore the prescriptive grammar seen in any language. Without a literary standard, a language and a society quickly degenerates! Quote is from a 1949 Yiddish Grammar.

This quote reminds me of a Portland State University Professor (one of my professors in Linguistics, in 1993) who represented those scholars who despised any standards! He believed that whatever you as a speaker felt was correct, then it was correct! And this guy had a PhD!! A sad deluded man, who corrupted an unknown number of naive students as he spewed forth his popular neo-linguistic reforms.




Preposition EN + the Dative, in Which a Dative of the Agent Results

SIZE: 204,682 bytes----CONTAINS: 12 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

This paper is an attempt to focus NT translators upon an often overlooked use of this preposition with the dative. Grammarians need to consider this grammatical reality as well! RECENTLY UPDATED





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