After the hurricane of October 2016, none of the children were harmed.

Basically, the orphanage survived quite well, however their needs are great!!

Below, is a copy of a recent (August 2011) letter from the orphanage. GOOD NEWS!

The orphanage has built 4 new classrooms; though empty, they are a beginning.

Please read the letter, and then send a gift and be a part of these childrens'

lives and Christian training. YOU are needed! Any amount of money

would be gratefully used, and at this time it is money which they need most.

I send money monthly, and I let them determine how best to use it. They are now 501c3,

for those who desire a deductibility. Please send them a donation, of any amount!

THE NEED IS GROWING!! Checks can be mailed to addresses below.

All of the images below show the orphanage before the great 2010 earthquake. None of the older

structures remain! The children all survived in tents, and their numbers increased!

Their needs are great, yet God is gracious, as these children especially know!

ATTENTION, Earthquake Update!!!! (Jan. 2010)

The orphanage is located in Grand Goave, which town was leveled, including the 2 story orphanage, the orphanage church and residencies of the workers there. At least 25 people died in Grand Goave, but NONE of the children (50+) were harmed! The pictures of the orphanage contained herein, show buildings which no longer stand!!

All of the children had just began (about an hour before the quakes) playing a big soccer game on the orphanage property. Thus they were not in the collapsed buildings. A large Bible college in Port Au Prince was also leveled, but again no serious casualties!

As Pastor Enoch and the children later gathered together in the soccer field, they praised the good Lord. This rejoicing lasted hours, and 36 villagers accepted Christ. These villagers had witnessed a miracle!! As of today, January 15, 2010, about 250 other villagers gathered around the soccer field, and these heroic orphans shared their diminishing food supplies with the homeless and hungry. Their plight takes one's breath away, an amazing event. I'am very proud of these children.

God truly watches His people, and He knows who His people are, as well as the very number of hairs on the heads of each of His saints!

Please continue your support for this amazing orphanage, contact numbers are below. We pray that they build a better orphanage and reach yet more and more children: which should happen, and you can help!


Are you busy? Do you have trouble finding ways of giving?

Would you like to assist some very poor orphans in Haiti, with no

strings attached?

Give whatever you desire, when you desire!!

I have found the perfect solution to satisfy the very real NEED TO GIVE!

As Christians we want to give, and some of us even have the

"gift of giving", I do not have this gift, so I was always challenged when it came

to assisting others. Often I gave to the wrong group or "ministry".

Often I did not know how my gift was used.




A wonderful couple (Pastor Enock and his wife, Cloraine) who are Haitian,

left a great ministry in Florida to return to Haiti for good. To run a dilapidated

orphanage!! Since returning they have managed to care for 50+ orphans.

They have a building (see photos below!) and are receiving some support,

but there is so much more to do. They wish to add more orphans! More

rooms, to improve the living conditions, to increase the educational programs

to improve the health and basic needs of the children.

The orphanage is in Grand Goave, Haiti.

You may help!! You can send money, or a case or a single copy of the Bible

in Haitian or FRENCH. The American Bible Society has the needed

translations! (usually). They need writing paper, tooth brushes, tooth paste,

and money for food.


They feed the children 2 meals per day, and they receive meat once per week.

The children are receiving a CHRISTIAN education! This entire ministry is

based on the real sincere giving by faith from others, from other Christians.

You may give for tax credit, it is a tax deductible organization,

or like myself, with NO tax write off!

But you may choose as to how you give, or what you give and WHEN you give.


The 3 story orphanage has no electricity (typical for most of Haiti, they use

portable generators - donated of course), it has running water.

It needs much upkeep (see images). The children are loved, (yes this

bears repeating!) and well cared for. There are no obese children here,

these are the poorest of the poor. Outside the orphanage they

HAVE NO HOPE. Some came to the orphanage nearly dead from starvation

and malnutrition, some required emergency medical care BEFORE

they could even live in the orphanage! Many more remain outside

due to a lack of space (we hope to solve this too!).


Most importantly, they learn about THE WORD FROM GOD, the Bible and the

love and ethics it proclaims. This builds new characters and gives these children

hope. They also receive love and friendship and companionship here, a family.

Whatever the future brings these orphans, you can help them get a good start!!!


Do begin sending help. Books, money, school supplies, toys, clothing,

you can even regularly SPONSER a child. I had a wonderful child thank

me in English, some of the children are learning numerous languages, as

Pastor Enock knows Haitian, French, English and some Greek!

This is a small "operation", not a big business venture, it is a personal

loving ministry saving desperate children, in a quiet and powerful way.


You may contact them in various ways!


CURRENT DATE, April - 2012

you can send gifts and checks directly to Enock's daughter located in Florida at:

Checks can be made out to.....


7378 W. Alantic Blvd. Suite 433

Margate, Florida 33063


FLORIDA PHONE NUMBER: (954) 977-2938


OFFICE IN HAITI, PHONE NUMBER: 011-(509) 823-4155

email -


The images below are from 2005, the building is the orphanage, except for

one view of the main church in Grand Goave. All images are

before the great earthquakes of January 2010.

You can see what is needed. And now yet even more is needed!!

PLEASE VIEW, and then consider your possible involvement!

I met Enock when he was visiting sponsors in America. He is a godly man,

small stature, nimble, alert eyes. He is about 63 years old, he is highly

educated. I am honored to call him my friend. You see,--most people in Haiti

leave Haiti when they get educated or find a way out. Not Enock. Haiti is a

country needing much help, in fact it's needs are overwhelming! But at the

orphanage an eternal work has begun, in the best way!


The following three images are from an elder (J. D. Pykiet) of

the Arbor Primitive Baptist Church (Progressive) of

Lynchburg, TN. This church has greatly assisted Pastor Enock

and his ministries. One shows the small church on the orphanage property,

the other two show some classroom scenes, from before the earthquake.

Thank you JD and Pastor Burkhalter.