Here you will find some good software which runs great

on Windows 95B and Windows 98, 98 SE, as well as XP.

As well as some important drivers and DLLs for Windows 98 SE

and Windows XP, and usually Windows 10

If you do not know what it is, you probably do NOT need it! :-)




DRIVERS and DLLs -- et cetera

abCD --- version 1.3

SIZE: 237,748 bytes

A good tool for CD-RW disks, I use it on a LiteOn 5239, it is superior to INcd as it does not format uncontrollably in the background. It takes about 17 minutes to format a CD disk, and you can use most of the disk [it prefers the reliable 4x disks]. Does not lock up 95/98! Probably not compatible with NERO.


Bigmem.drv --- version 4.10.1998

SIZE: 9,952 bytes

FASTSTONE Viewer -- version 3.9

SIZE: 5 MB (zipped)

Free for non-commercial use. A great image browser (and I have tested many image browsers!). Views most popular files as well as many RAW files (utilizing the DCRAW sets). You can compare side-by-side 2, 3 or 4 images (with synchronized scrolling and zooming!). A very easy to use program, puts to shame other inflated and costly image browsers.

Runs fine on Win 98SE through Windows 10. Shows EXIF info, and megapixel size of images as well, plus many other functions!


comctl32.dll ---- version 6+ (newer than the one immediately below, file is circa 2005.)

SIZE: 4,626,160 bytes (which is this exe install package size)

file name - - - WindowsXP_Comctl32.exe (not for XP with service pack 3)

This file comes directly from Microsoft's Update site. Download this file, then run it, then restart your computer and your XP system should run without the comctl32 errors! Of course back up the original file from your system32 folder. (This download was placed here October 2011).

When you work in a program that loads both version 5 and version 6 of the Comctl32.dll file in Microsoft Windows XP, the program may stop responding, and an access violation may occur in the Comctl32.dll file.
Note You may also see mixed window styles when you experience this problem. If a program selects Comctl32.dll version 6, the program may show a Windows XP style (Comctl32 version 6) window. However, if you experience this problem, the program may show both the Windows XP style and Windows Classic style (Comctl32 version 5, which version is seen below) windows. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. This file should remove the runtime and access errors!

-- System requirements --

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2


START COP --- 1999, from PC Magazine

SIZE: 586,025 bytes (zipped)

1999 by Ziff-Davis, Inc. Written by Neil J. Rubenking. This is the best little utility I have yet used for removing and controlling which files start up when you start Windows 98. Easy to use, with a help file. Runs on Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 4, XP and Windows 10.

comctl32.dll --- version 5.81 (this is an older version, the file above, is newer)

SIZE: 569,616 bytes

also known as product version - 5.504704.1100

DXdiag.exe ---version

SIZE: 1.75 MB

Provides direct X information, tested up to version 9 DirectX (95b & 98)

Rundll32.exe --- version 4.10.1998

SIZE: 24,576 bytes


SIZE: 694,436 bytes (zipped)

The outfit which made this (and other font progs) was bought by Adobe, and then the progs were killed. This is a useful program, for several good functions! Hard to find.

rundll.exe --- version 4.10.1998

SIZE: 4,960 bytes

MONITOR tester (Moniteste)

SIZE: 357,021 bytes (zipped)

I was amazed how this simple freeware prog fixed my 21 inch monitor. I just ran the program thru its various tests, and VOILA, my monitor was saved. It was going wa-wa, or fluctuating; somehow this nice simple program fixed it! Unzip and put all five files in a folder, then click on the "exe". Simple. Not tested on LED monitors.

GDI.exe --- version 4.10.2222

SIZE: 345,584



SIZE: 448,818 bytes

A simple and easy to use tool which gives you the various codes for different types of colors. Both on-screen, and selectable colors. Useful for WEB page design.


GDI32.dll --- version 4.10.1998

SIZE: 155,648



SIZE: 52,939 bytes (zipped)

Allows user to hide a small bit of code in a JPG (JPEG) image. The hidden code is not detectable! Code can be extracted only with the password. This is a fine Steganography prog. In fact many of the jpgs on this site contain copyright text I hid in the pic. Unzip and copy to where you want the two files. Has simple built-in instructions. Do not lose your password! If someone "steals" my "altered" image, I can absolutely prove the theft! Uses the Blowfish algorithim.

GDIplus.dll --- version 5.1.3102.1360 (xpsp2.040109-1800)

SIZE: 925,857 bytes (zipped)

A part of Windows XP, yet this dll runs fine on Windows 98SE. It is required by some imaging progs, usually added into their directory, not to the system folder. This file is/was tested on Windows 98SE.


IMAGE ANALYZER version 1.31

SIZE: 1.6 MB (zipped)

A useful image editing program, with some powerful tools! To install, unzip to a folder you make, call it "Image_analyzer" for example. After the files are extracted into the folder, you are ready to go! Simply click on "Analyzer.exe". In this download are the fine added plugins, for creating pseudo HDR images. This is a freeware program, available also elsewhere on the internet.


Windows 98 GDIEXT Client DLL --- version 5.00.1693.1

(A.K.A. msimg32.dll)

SIZE: 53,428 bytes

An improved version, for Windows 98. Adds numerous functions for various graphical functions and calls made by various graphics programs. Much better than the wimpy DLL which shipped with Win 98. Install into Windows system, overwrite or delete older version. File name is: msimg32.dll


SIZE: 3.8 MB (zipped)

A compact viewer for Excel 97 and Excel 2000 spreadsheet files. You can view Excel files without having Excel installed (view + some manipulations). Includes a basic instruction/installation help file.


DEPENDS_98 --- from the Windows 98 Resource Kit Disk

SIZE: 60,950 bytes (zipped)

This useful program reveals the links and calls existing within various versions of DLLs and other system files. Helps you to find and install the correct DLL or driver et cetera. Reveals missing links within your DLLs and files! Contains a help file as well.


SIZE: 146,442 bytes (zipped)

Contains 2 small files, the exe and a help file. Great free tool for measuring stuff on-screen. Very configurable. No need to chase it around the screen, just re-start it. :-) Runs fine on Windows 10.
Nicely minimizes, for easy use, size adjustable, easily rotates horizontal - vertical.

Check Links Windows 98 --- from the Windows 98 Resource Kit Disk

SIZE: 364,304 bytes

fast and easy way to find old unused links hiding within your Windows 98 system. Allows you to easily remove them. File name is: Chklnks.exe


SIZE: 6.9 MB (zipped)

A HDR creation tool, as well as a tone mapper. Runs on Windows 98SE and newer. Create a folder to unzip the files into Then just click on the "qtpfsgui.exe" file and it runs. Includes documentation. This zipped folder is named: "". One of the best HDR creators and tone mappers available. Refer to my page on HDR Imaging for more information on this and other HDR files: LINK to HDR TECHNOLOGY and ITS APPLICATION TO PALEOGRAPHY

ULTRA 21 Card READER - Windows 98

SIZE: 8 MB (zipped)

This is the driver which allows Windows 98 to read 21 types of memory cards on the ULTRA 21-in-1 card reader (and the ULTRA MULTI_card reader). It runs on USB 2 or 1. I use this for the SD card from a digital camera, it works flawlessly, easy to use. Includes a help file. NOTE: you of course need the device - the card reader!


SIZE: 215,464 bytes (zipped)

Create a folder on your hard disk, and unzip into the new folder. Just click on the .exe file and off you go. HDRView is a simple Windows based viewer for high dynamic range images. It currently allows you to adjust exposure, zoom, pan, rotate, flip, and export as a low dynamic range BMP file. It does not tone map, nor create HDR images. HDRView was developed by Chris Tchou, Tim Hawkins, and Paul Debevec, at University of California at Berkeley.

Formats supported:

Gregory Ward Larson's red-green-blue-exponent format (.pic, .hdr)

Portable Float Map (.pfm)
Floating Point Tiff (.tif, .tiff)
raw binary floating point (.raw, .float)


MSCMS.dll --- version 5.00.1977.1

SIZE: 69,632 bytes

Lives in the C:\windows\system folder. If you use a monochrome printer (as I do) and you fool around with Color Matching Softwares (CMS) then it may happen that when you try to install and run a new program (i.e. for digital cameras, or other imaging programs), you may get this message:

The MSCMS.dll file is linked to missing export WINSPOOL.DRV:GetPrinterDataExw.

May also mention a missing device (the printer). If you get these error messages on Windows 98 SE, then copy this DLL to overwrite the one you have in your Windows\system directory. (First make a backup copy of the old DLL). The above MSCMS.dll does not have such export functions as get printer data (besides no color matching is needed for a monochrome printer). This DLL will stop the error messages, and allow the programs to run!

One great feature of Windows 95 and 98 is: YOU can change system files. Another is DOS access. Both give us lowly creatures some control over our OSs.


Lily_View (version 0.6.5)

SIZE: 1.1 MB (zipped)

A fast image viewer. Can view many tiff formats and almost all known PNG files as well. Create a new folder and unzip this zipped file into it. Click on the .exe file to run. Refer to my page on HDR Imaging for more information on this and other HDR files: LINK to HDR TECHNOLOGY and ITS APPLICATION TO PALEOGRAPHY

ntkern.vxd --- version 4.10.2223

SIZE: 195,262 bytes

A better and more modern file for Windows 98SE. Overwrite the 2 older files in the original Windows 98SE system with this one, the locations are: --: C:\windows\system\ and in C:\windows\system\vmm32.

And for what it is worth, I always use Intel chipsets on my motherboards!


SIZE: 425,256 bytes (zipped)

First create a new folder, and unzip this file into it, and click on the .exe file. A window opens from which you can browse to a TIFF image file. This little prog will identify the TIFF file and its parameters. Hopefully you know that there are a variety of .tiff image types!


GRID.VBX --- version 3.00.0538

SIZE: 45,136 bytes

A Visual Basic 3 control. Though dated in 1993, it is newer than the more common 53 KB version. Some programs require this version. Runs on all versions of Windows 3.0 through XP.



OPENexr PLUGIN - EXRFormat.8bi

SIZE: 612 KB

Put the Photoshop plugin into your Photoshop plugins folder. The plugin is named "exrformat.8bi". This allows older Photoshop versions (4-7) to work with 96 bit exr image files from Lucas's INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC. Tested on Photoshop 6. When you attempt to open an .exr image in Photoshop, this activates the plugin. Refer to my page on HDR Imaging for more information on this and other HDR files: LINK to HDR TECHNOLOGY and ITS APPLICATION TO PALEOGRAPHY


Hard Drive Encryption

A free application which will absolutely protect you hard drive from booting without your password! Works on all Windows operating systems. Install this and add your important password, and then reboot. System will NOT load until you add the password. Keeps hackers out. I use it always!! Click on the heading above (Hard Drive Encryption)

Download is quite small: file name is:




A small prog which installs fonts automatically for you. One at a time. Useful if you have "lost" your ability to normally install, or if you do not know how to install fonts. A small and easy to use program. (Should work on XP too.)

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