A Short Quote from Richard S. Wheeler's 1974



Prefaced with a short introduction by

Mr. Gary S. Dykes





The brief quote below, is seen on the dust jacket of Mr. Wheelers's book. The book itself displays very reasoned thoughts concerning feminism, pacifism, socialism and education in America, and how they relate to the Bible. An insightful text published in 1974. The material is especially needed today as "socialism" is again threatening our American culture.

In America, most junior and high school students are not taught about the weaknesses and threats socialism presents to true democracies. In looking over an assortment of textbooks on "History" or "U. S. History" used in our classrooms over the last five decades, one is struck with the lack of information about socialism. True it is not a prime tenet of "history" but it should not be avoided. Students, and most U. S. citizens are ignorant about the evils of socialism. It seems so reasonable to allow the government to care for the disabled, for the unwed mothers, for the hungry, for the drug addicts, for those who fall into major economic crises, for the elderly, for the medical needs of its citizens, et al. The "communism" seen in early Acts, only concerns the distribution of goods and property, it did not control the production of goods, and it was VOLUNTARY. Thus one must not think that "communism" or "socialism" is Bible supported. In the future KINGDOM AGE, socialism is not the rule, rather the Christ rules, it is a THEOCRACY!

Labor unions, family structures, marriage, and health issues are all affected by socialist oriented governments. Competition is nearly abolished, individualism is reduced to a crime, motivation to improve is diminished, women are supported if they have children and do not marry. Becoming addicted to heroine or crack entitles one to receive a check every month, those who work hard to achieve, cannot achieve. Gifted individuals are reduced to the common denominator. Criticism becomes obsolete. Education totally one-sided. Choices controlled. Gun owners will probably be forced to give up their guns as a government sponsored and financed local militia will patrol and "protect" all citizens.

Democracy is what made America once great. On the surface a government like that of Cuba, Canada or other socialist oriented nation may seem attractive. Free health care, social security for all aliens, no one person is exceptional, we all become one big blob of equals. Christianity (true Bible-based Christianity) becomes equal to Buddhism and to the scourge of Islam and any other type of religions. Freedom slowly dissolves. It is my sincere hope that Americans learn about the evils of socialism, read up on the subject. There are books available. Though most schools will not teach you about comparative political schemes, you can educate yourself and your children. I hope you enjoy the quote below, and that you slowly ingest its import.







Equality is perhaps the exact synonym for hell. The extent to which societies manage to equalize men is the extent of their senility, the index of their decline, the mark of a terminal disease. Jesus prophesied that in the last days the love of many would grow cold, a prophecy that may have been based on His knowledge of the impact of egalitarianism. For on the heels of ideological equality comes the death of love and thus the death of man's most meaningful and sublime experience. Love does not seek to make every man equal, but seeks the fulfillment of each. Love does not wish damnation upon the rich, and nothing is quite so alien to love as that mathematical envy that measures distances from one man to the next. We do no favor to any man by wishing equality on him. Each is too complex for such a simple formula. Rather, we hope each person can develop his best talents, overcome his worst weaknesses, discover a daily joy in existing circumstances, achieve material comfort consonant with his needs, and learn to transcend the world.

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