Below you will observe a partial collection of various wildflowers

I was able to photograph over the years. If you use any of the images for personal

purposes, please give credit - © Gary S. Dykes - however if you want to sell any of these images

(on cards, calendars, field guides etc. ) please contact Mr. Dykes at:

galeandgary2000ATgmail.com [change the AT to the proper symbol]

I have about 1,200 wildflower images available, Oregon, Washington, California

and Tennessee....do inquire! Most northwest types validated by

Dr. Kenton L. Chambers of Oregon State University, (before he retired).


First are images shot with a point and shoot Nikon CoolPix L 6

camera. Most shots were simply handheld. The first set of

images were all shot in Tennessee. Click on each thumbnail to see full size:

High resolution images of most, are available.

Asclepias tuberosa

COMMON: Butterfly Weed

Seen throughout much of Tennessee and the southeast in general. In sunny areas.

CAMERA: Nikon CoolPix L6

Cirsium nutans

COMMON: thistle

A nice large showy thistle, note the inset note. Common in sunny areas.

CAMERA: Nikon CoolPix L6

Passiflora incarnata

COMMON: Passion Flower

A nice large showy flower, vine-like in sunny areas.

CAMERA: Nikon CoolPix L6

Spigelia marilandica

COMMON: "Indian Pink"

This plant near University of the South - Sewanne, Tennessee.

CAMERA: Nikon CoolPix L6


Ruellia caroliniensis

COMMON: Wild Petunia

this specimen, bloomed only one day! Extraordinary COLOR!!

CAMERA: Nikon CoolPix L6


All images shot with a fully manual Pentax K1000, 35 mm camera. Typically on a heavy tripod. All original films are Kodachrome 64. These are digital scans of some of them.
Thank you Sandi Stohlman

Shot in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, in 1988. The 2002 Biscuit fire did damage this wilderness, however the K. leachiana (or leachianna) seems to thrive after fires! Here I pose with the very rare Kalmiopsis leachianna, close up below.

Sandi Stohlman Emily Louise Stohlman


Kalmiopsis leachianna (or leachiana)

RARE: member of the Heath family.

Shot in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, of S. Oregon, 1988.

Shot with a Pentax K1000



Lilium bolanderii

Just southeast of Cave Junction, Oregon. Rare, but locally common.

Stunning color!!

Shot with a Pentax K1000



Bursera microphylla

Elephant tree, in southern Anza-Borrego state park, California. Plant stores water in its trunk. Rare in the states.

Shot with a Pentax K1000



Fritillaria recurva

Common: Scarlet Fritillary

Shot on the campus of Rogue Community College, 1987. Grants Pass, Oregon. Quite rare!!

shot with a Pentax K1000.


Lilium wiggensii

No common name, that I know of. One of the rarest lilies on earth. This specimen was shot near Bolan Lake, Oregon. About 7 foot tall!

Shot with a Pentax K1000.



Epilobium rigidum

Evening Primrose -- (and other names)

Today, extremely rare. This specimen shot in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, 1988, southern Oregon.

Shot with a Pentax K1000.



Lilium occidentale -- (two rare images!)

Probably rarer than the Lilium wiggensii above. This specimen was shot near the coast in western Oregon. I am not about to disclose its location, it is that rare!!

Shot with a Pentax K1000.


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