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More articles of interest to students and researchers for the palaeography of

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Young Kyu Kim on the Dating of Papyrus P 46

Author: Young Kyu Kim

SIZE: circa 4 MB - - - 16 pages PDF

The complete article adapted from the journal BIBLICA in 1988. Though not well received by his peers, Kim's work has its merits. A good read. Recall that Dr. Griffin's work (which responds to Kim) is also located on this site.

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Recentiores non Deteriores

SIZE: about 7 MB - - - 11 images in a PDF file

author: R. Browning (Robert ?) Date, 1960.

An authorative article in which the author illuminates the type of ancient materials Byzantine scribes would copy and archive. This article is well researched and is often overlooked. PDF file name:



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