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The Greek New Testament and the Old Slavonic Version

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

size: about 4 MB - - - 16 pages, PDF format

file title: OCS_info.pdf




The Slavic Alphabets

author: Paul Cubberley

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SOURCE: (the Archive site states the file is extracted from the 1996 publication: The World's Writing Systems. Oxford University Press. EDs. Peter T. Daniels and William Bright. Contributor: The Long Now Foundation).

File is seen in several other locations on the Internet, but it surely has a proper home here. Good basic information on OCS and Glagolitic.


A sample of an 11th century script (inscription) from The Cambridge History of the Byzantine Empire - click on thumbnail to view 


These images and the next three sets following, are from:

Russian Palaeography by Lev V. Cherepnin. Printed in Moscow, 1956. (I have more information for this volume, like an image of its Russian title page), Great book!

this first one shows glyph samples from "Charters" from the XI - XIIIth centuries, in 2 parts.

These are the important images for evaluating written manuscript: as well as the images from Gribble (below). Note these samples are just from "Charters", Gribble's examples are more comprehensive!


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Birch bark samples (XI - XII) in 2 parts. recall that Birch bark documents date as late as the XIVth. Thus these samples assist with dating the earliest ones.  

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Cursive styles, XVIIIth century, 2 parts  

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Upper image Belorussian, cursive styles, XV - XVI

Bottom image part 2, Belorussian cursive



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Tables of glyphs from Slavic manuscripts from XIth - XVIIth centuries.

FROM: Medieval Slavic Scripts vol. 1, by Charles Gribble. Slavic Pub. 1973.

Here are some you can sink your teeth into.


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And finally, a standard Indo-European language tree. Red arrow points to the Balto-Slavic branch. Helps clarify the relationships.

SOURCE: Introduction to Historical Linguistics. Anthony Arlotto. University Press of America. 1972.



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