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File name - - - Slavic_NT.pdf

SIZE - - - 39 MB (894 pages)

I extracted these files from a complete OCS Bible, and joined them into one file, I hope the Honorable Mr. Fedosov does not object! Has bookmarks and thumbnails.

Created in the Ukraine or Russia, appears to be the standard second edition of the "Elizabeth" Slavic Bible of 1751. Considered God-breathed by the Slavs and Russian orthodox. (I perceive it as the TR of the OCS New Testament texts). I find the text useful for collation purposes (when printed), but word searches are difficult!! His website has the entire Bible in PDF format:

  Click here to view palaeographical items related to OCS manuscripts with information on understanding the various glyphs. Also an essay upon the value of OCS and New Testament textual criticism. Jagic Vajs Horace Lunt Schmalstieg Golab Miklosich Birnbaum Mathiesen ChSl Kiev Sacramentary Marianus Ostromir Glagolitic Vostokov Durnovo Karinskij Kulbakin jer jers Serbian Bulgarian Macedonian Croatian Vaillant slaves Slavica Moravian Bohemian Slovaks Czechs Methodius Slovak Serbo-Croatian Slovenian Ruthenians Baltic Latvian Toporov Slovene Benveniste Gribble Kurylowicz Meillet Stang Trubacev Miroslav Charles E. Gribble Jakobson Prague proto-Slavic
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Click here to learn of three fonts: one specially designed for OCS, and a Cyrillic font and a Glagolitic font (each in public domain) each non-Unicode, ttf fonts.



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NON-Unicode. Click here to download the OCS.ttf font. SAMPLE glyphs shown below for two of the fonts, and one full sized keyboard: (note only a few capital letters are included in the OCS font), most accents can be applied. For basic OCS printing, works great. Free, embeddable, public domain.) Printable keyboard layout charts are available below. I recently added several old Cyrillic glyphs to the font, not seen in the charts below!
Click here to download a Cyrillic font. This comes from an out-of-business font supplier (Southern Software), this is a complete Cyrillic True Type font. Sample shown below. NON-Unicode.


Click here to download a Glagolitic font. This font also was bought in 1996 from Southern Software. It needed lots of repair, but is now quite good for print et cetera. Below is the keyboard chart, and below that are the links to view and print the other keyboard charts.

Zoom in to view: NOTE the actual fonts are much sharper than these images!! A nice

downloadable and printable chart is available below. See thumbnails.

click to view Cyrillic font keyboard and print

click to view OCS font keyboard and print, NOTE, I have

added a few glyphs not seen in this keyboard chart!

click to view Glagolitic font keyboard and print


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