A Program for Reading, Printing, Viewing and Searching

the OCS (or Old Slavic) Bible; with Russian, Greek, French (Segond), German

Vulgate and English KJV. (Remarkable !!!, and FREE!)

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Created in Russia, by Mr. Yegor Nachinkin, is this free and powerful computer Bible. The whole Bible in Russian, Old Slavic, German, French, Greek (appears to be WH or Nestle/Aland), KJV and the Vulgate. Each language is searchable. Available separately is an OCS glossary whereby one can view the definition of each word in the OCS text by clicking on it! (It is not free).

Easy to use, and offers a variety of ways to export texts, including the searches! When the search is done the results can then be clicked on and you jump to that text and the search term is highlighted. Can perform grammatical searches, in a round-about way --- enter the search term and use asterisks for the terminations. If more than 999 occurrences are found - only 999 will be shown. Has a help file too! There is only a Windows version, I run my copy on XP. Screen shots, see below:

What more can you want? It is free, you can download it here: zipped size is about 10 MB. Or download from his official English website, see below. Be sure to copy the fonts to your windows/fonts folder FIRST, before running the program.


SB6.zip oo[this is the full program with all fonts, in an installation package!]


in order to unzip the file (which has all needed fonts) you MUST email the programmer, and he will quickly send you the password. (If he does not respond in a timely manner, ask me). Below is his email address: (Below is the password, as others could not communicate with the author).

klompje@yandex.ruoo [current September, 2010]


His official website is: in English or Russian. ,THANK YOU MR. NACHINKIN !!!


Apparently, Mr. Nachinkin's website was closed, per information provided by Jean-Marie Larcheveque, the site is now nonexistant. So here is the CORRECT password for the above zipped file:



Below are a few screen shots: the program is version 6. Clicking on the images will make them easier to view. NOTE: This Slavic Bible (the older one) is a Russian-form Slavonic.



Screenshot showing Genesis, in the 1751 Elizabethan Bible.

Screenshot showing the search dialogue box, one simply types in the search term.

In this case only one occurrence was found for this word in Genesis 1:1.

Here the search revealed more than 999 "hits", but it will show 999 in order of occurrence, both Old and New Testaments. (999 is the limit), so if 3,211 occurences occur it will only show the max 999.

Here a search was done in the French (Segond) version, and one match was found.

Accent input may require extra effort, a copy and paste seems to work fine. Searching for Phares, for example, does not work without the accent.

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