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Sample Images of Latin Manuscripts

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Les Fragments de Freising

author: Donatien De Bruyne

SIZE: 25 MB - - - CONTAINS - circa 130 pages (65 landscape views)

PDF format

The full 1921 edition as published in Rome, a complete transcription edition of the Old Latin Codex Frisingensia (r) or Beuron 64. Available as a single PDF file, download or view on-line. A custom digital copy, of very good resolution. Contains three facsimiles. Available exclusively on this site! NOTE: in the PDF file, the actual Latin text begins on page 27 (as per the PDF page count), beginning at Romans 5.

File name is: Frisingensia.pdf



The Giessen Gothic - Latin fragment, Full title:

Das gotisch-lateinisch Bibelfragment der Großherzoglichen Universitätsbibliothek Gießen

authors: P. Glaue und K. Helm

SIZE: 26.7 MB, PDF format

from the 1910 journal titled: Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft. [aka ZNW]. A complete customized PDF copy of good resolution. Exclusive to this site. This fragment is now lost (destroyed via water damage), this is the best remaining material on the fragment, with full transcriptions and facsimile images (better quality reproductions of the facsimiles are in the above - "Sample Images of Latin Manuscripts"). File name is: Giessen_Fragment.pdf



On the Origin and Value of the "Western Text-Type" as Concerns the Pauline Epistles

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

SIZE: 938,987 bytes --- CONTAINS 60 pages (PDF)

The third essay in a work which concerns all three text types of the Greek New Testament. This file also presents a rather extensive list of the Beuron nomenclatures for the Old Latin manuscripts of the Pauline Epistles. Proposes answers to several questions which have bothered textual critics for some time.


file name: Text_types_part2.pdf




Early Insular Illuminated Manuscripts: Merging of Oral and Literate Cultures

author: Dr. Elizabeth Howie

Used with her permission. A html page with most of her links preserved. A brief introductory work which comments upon the link between Insular manuscript illuminations and early Irish/Celtic heritage and art. Provides some specific MS samples as well. Written by an expert on this subject. A good read!

Those "number things" (associations) in Usserianus, seem a bit far-fetched. But Howie, did not originate those particular theories. [see within]



Map of Biblical Manuscript Production Sites of Western Europe

drawn by: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

SIZE: about 2.5 MB, JPG format.

A unique map, available exclusively on this site.

Map showing monasteries, abbeys, and sites from which known Biblical manuscripts were produced. Western Europe, circa A.D. 250 - 1200. A few added sites are shown in Ireland, from which we know manuscripts did originate or their scribes. A rather large map, you will need to zoom-in to read. If you print this map, I suggest a 11 x 17 inch size at the minimum. Probably best to download the image, and read on a zoomable image program. File name is: Western_Europe.jpg

Another map is available in the "Sample Images of Latin Manuscripts" on the left. It shows Latin based monasteries up unto the middle ages.



author: Michael Tweedale

Extracted from one of M. Tweedale's web pages. Chart simply shows some basic word counts: total number of chapters per book, total number of verses per book and total number of words per book of the Clementine Vulgate, and the grand totals!. A single HTML page. I added some statistics from the KJV.


The Genuine 1592 Clementine Vulgate

author: Michael Tweedale

site for more info----

also ----

SIZE: 15 MB, zipped two files, click on the .exe to install. Zipped file name is:

All on-line editions* and software package editions of the 1592 Clementine Latin Vulgate are NOT the genuine text! [for example at Romans 14:9, the true 1592 edition reads "resurrexit" not the false "revixit"]. But good fortune has come our way. The above text presented masterfully by Tweedale IS genuine, and it is a great software program, wonderful for searching the Latin text. Easy to use. Runs on any 32 bit Windows operating system. This zipped package also contains the latest update file. This is the best edition of the Vulgate you can find (without an apparatus). Offered herein via the creators' permission (Michael Tweedale of Oxford). This is version 3.2 which is very smooth running. A newer version is available, but this one is known to be absolutely reliable, trouble free, and runs without frames. I have tested it. A joy to use!! (NOTE: Mr. Tweedale has substituted the more modern "j" for the archaic Latin "i" in the appropriate words).

* The on-line 1861 Vercellone edition alone is pure and true 1592 Clementine Vulgate, full edition via JPG images seen here:



An Analysis of Ten Latin Manuscripts, Via Selected Passages in the Pauline Epistles

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

SIZE: 122,536 bytes - - - - CONTAINS 48 pages (PDF)

A word by word comparison of 10 Latin manuscripts: 3 Greek-Latin bilinguals, about 4 Old Latin MSS, and about 3 Vulgate MSS, with the Latin Vulgate of Clementine. Also shown are the Greek texts of the bilingual MSS, with the TR and Nestle/Aland 26th edition. Each displayed in a horizontal line format (similar to Swanson's style). Some analysis, with concluding remarks, providing useful information follows the presentation. Via this presentation YOU may be able to form your own observations. File name is: 10_Latin_MSS.pdf


The Genuine 1592 Clementine Vulgate IN PDF FORMAT

author: Michael Tweedale

SIZE: 4.2 MB, full Bible in PDF format (file name is: twocolumn.pdf), 887 pages, two column format.

This is the PDF version of the above software program. A beautiful 2 column format of the 1592 Clementine Vulgate. Very well made, and has search functions and bookmarks! Shared via M. Tweedale's permission. (NOTE: Mr. Tweedale has substituted the more modern "j" for the archaic Latin "i" in the appropriate words).


The INTRODUCTION from Alexander Souter's "The Earliest Latin Commentaries on the Epistles of Saint Paul" - 1927

author: Alexander Souter

SIZE: 2.5 MB - - - CONTAINS 6 pages (PDF)

A short but informative intro. Should whet one's appetite for the full work by this master of the Latin commentaries on Paul's epistles! Shows table of contents as well. Reveals, briefly a glimpse into Souter's understanding of the text of the Pauline Epistles and its overall genuineness. File name is: Souter_LC.pdf


De unitate ecclesiae (The Unity of the Church)

author: Cyprian (Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus)

SIZE: 400,301 bytes - - - CONTAINS 26 pages (PDF)

A modernized extract from the 1906 edition of Hugo von Hurter. All Biblical quotations are clearly indicated. Text is in Cyprian's Latin.

File name is: Cyprian_Unitate.pdf



From: A Study of Ambrosiaster [collations of the Pauline Quotes in Cyprian mit Ambrosiaster and Codex Claromontanus (d)] 2 Separate Collations

author: Alexander Souter (in Text and Studies, IV, 1905)

SIZE: 12.2 MB - - - Contains 24 double pages, PDF

Good resolution scans, exclusive to this site. Easy visual comparison of the quotes from some of Cyprian's works with Ambrosiaster and several other Latin MSS. Quotes are of/from the Pauline Epistles. File name is : Via_Souter.pdf


A Few Pages from Julian Brown's A Palaeographer's View

author: T. Julian Brown

SIZE: 2.8 MB, 5 pages in PDF format

Really an advertisement, this book is under a copyright, so I present only parts of 4 pages (and a copy of the table of contents). This concerns Latin palaeography, and Julian Brown was a master of the field. This book contains a collection of his essays. The few copied pages above illustrate some of his value for NT critics today. The subject previewed concerns arrangement of quires and lines of Latin parchment. Good stuff, this brief read is educational. The book can still be purchased via, it retails for about $55.00. The text is much better than these poor images reveal, and it is a nice hardback, smyth-sewn on coated paper! File name is:


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