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A large dose of Bible study, gives an elected soul a mind healing balm. It is not

just a book for practicing criticism, it is a powerful miraculous

text, food for God's people. A PROVEN FACT!

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The Work of Faith

SIZE: ~ 411,000 bytes - - - 25 pages PDF

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Evangelicals take note, Bible translators take note. You can ignore this potent essay, but it remains a stark clarification of Scriptural truths. One of the best on the subject of saving-faith!!

PDF title: Faith_works_Dykes.pdf

corrected 4/2017





The Perils of Being A Society, Adrift

SIZE: 543,070 bytes - - - 18 pages PDF

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (2013)

When the flood of new English Bible translations began appearing America, (in the early 20th century) this paper posits that America experienced many changes, CONNECTED to the demolition of the "standard" Bible. It was a sign of instability. America began to lose its integrity. Penetrating.

PDF file name: adrift.pdf

Alexander Campbell, Churches of Christ Disciples of Christ sequester budget


WHY was Man Created, and the World

An age-old question. I provide a short answer, from God's word. Answered in just a single page!!

Why was man created.pdf



size: 216,125 bytes - - - CONTAINS 30 pages PDF

author: Authur W. Pink

One of the best treatments upon the Sovereignty of God! This PDF file is not the abridged version sold by the Banner of Truth Trust folks. This file displays the text of the fourth Baker Book House edition. A comforting read!! This is an extract, a portion of the book The Sovereignty of God, displaying the core of Mr. Pink's important message. Brief, potent. See also John 3:16, below, which meshes well with Pink's observations.




The Doctrines of ELECTION, SALVATION and SEALINGtrine of Election,

SIZE: 127 kb ---- CONTAINS 9 pages [PDF titled: election_1.pdf]

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Another hard-hitting essay on a subject too often avoided, neglected, or misunderstood. Open your mind and examine this! It is comforting to know that the elect ARE secure. Updated from an earlier version. An important lesson in that one should not put the cart before the horse, (read to grasp the significance)!!

n G. White Jehovah Witnesses

John 3:16 (God Loves the World, Indeed!)

SIZE: 65,657 bytes ---- CONTAINS 11 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Looking at this famous passage from a contextual semantic perspective; that is, observing John's typical use of language throughout his writings. Easy to understand, with powerful consequences. A good read. Meshes well with Pink's, The Sovereignty of God, above!



Right Division

SIZE: 60,480 bytes ---- CONTAINS 8 pages (PDF)

author: Ethelbert W. Bullinger

An essay taken from Bullinger's published work - HOW TO ENJOY THE BIBLE. If the advice this essay gives would be heeded, many of today's common problems with Bible interpretation would be solved! Highly recommended.




SIZE: 104,770 bytes - - - 8 pages PDF (4 landscape views)

author: Dee L. McCroskey

The late Dee L. McCroskey left behind many articles, especially in Romanian and English. Here we see his ministry is alive also in Germany. A fine article about the full and correct name of our LORD Jesus Christ. How do you address the LORD??? [For information on the late D. L. McCroskey, click here].

To view the original English article from the 1973 edition of the Last Day Messenger, click here!



The Spirits in Prison - I Peter 3:17-4:6

SIZE: 3.5 MB ---- CONTAINS 12 pages (PDF)

author: E. W. Bullinger

A companion essay to his "Rich Man and Lazarus", but written 11 years earlier. Demonstrates that BODY + SPIRIT = SOUL. A BODY - SPIRIT = a dead soul. Powerful stuff! Also note Bullinger's The Rich Man and Lazarus below left.



Hawking Jesus

SIZE: 41,543 bytes ---- CONTAINS 17 pages (PDF)

author: Herman Hoeksema

A powerful and astute condemnation of several practices of modern "evangelicals". This late Reformed theologian writes with clarity, this is a must read for those who evangelize or who attempt to convert the "lost". A non-dispensational document written from a "reformed" perspective.





2 older "charts" from my earlier ministry. Still useful, click to view.

Pauline dates

various baptisms and gospels!



Does God Heal Today?

SIZE: 75,744 bytes ---- CONTAINS 13 pages (PDF)

author: Dr. John G. Mitchell

One of the very best on the subject. Dr. Mitchell forged many of his lessons in the prairies of Southern Canada, opposing numerous "cults".



A Biblical Study of Tongues

SIZE: 38,028 bytes ---- CONTAINS 13 pages (PDF)

author: Dr. John G. Mitchell

Another fine essay by this now deceased co-founder of Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon.


The Rich Man and Lazarus

SIZE: 101,924 bytes ---- CONTAINS 36 pages (PDF)

author: E. W. Bullinger

Many folks accuse Dr. Bullinger of promoting "soul sleep", but what does/did Bullinger actually teach? Here is the full essay from his tireless pen. Seventh Day Adventists Jehovah Witness



Why was Jesus Christ Baptized [in water]?

SIZE: 76,471 bytes ---- CONTAINS 9 pages (PDF)

author: the late Pastor Otis Wasson

From the folks at Grace Gospel Fellowship comes this top-notch essay. The best I've seen on the subject!

Tongues, Signs, and Visions, NOT for Today

SIZE: 68,704 bytes ---- CONTAINS 13 pages (PDF)

author: A. E. Bishop

This "tract" is historically important as in 1922, it altered the mind-set of an early and great dispensationalist. Mr. Bishop is very direct, and makes a strong case against many charismatic practices.



Total Depravity

SIZE: 62,643 bytes ---- CONTAINS 3 pages (PDF)

author: Elder Clarence Hicks

Short and to the point. Makes a good and very basic case for some supralapsarian concerns. Reproduced via permission from "The Trumpet of Truth" magazine - a Primitive Baptist (progressive), publication.



SIZE: 75,551 bytes ---- CONTAINS 6 pages (PDF)

author: the late Elder W. A. Mullis

Clarifies the subject of "salvation", and makes an interesting suggestion for the "light" of Genesis 1:3. By a Primitive Baptist minister who served the Lord for just over 55 years! From "The Trumpet of Truth" magazine, a Primitive Baptist Publication.



The Doctrine of Inerrancy and the Manuscript Variants

SIZE: ~ 96,000 bytes (small!) ---- CONTAINS 12 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes

Instead of avoiding the reality of variants, I suggest believers USE them. Good reading, IMPORTANT, in fact this is posted twice on this site! [also at Textual Criticism, in a file called "A Trilogy..."]


Failure to Inherit in Galatians 5:21

SIZE: about 150 KB ---- contains 11 pages (PDF)

author: Mr. Gary S. Dykes (2013)

If you as a Christian practiced, did practice, or plan to practice drug abuse, or adultery (et cetera), will you lose your salvation? Is there an inheritance from God for you? if so what. A brief essay which should comfort the skeptical. Praise God for His precious Word, it is indeed a comfort!!! eternal security works



A single HTML page with several images, about 1.2 MB total.

author: Vernon Schutz, Charles Baker and Charles Ryrie, edited and annotated by Mr. Gary S. Dykes

In one of Ryrie's attacks upon what he calls "ultradispensationalism" we reveal one of his flaws - misrepresentation. A good short read.


The Deity of the Holy Spirit

SIZE: 999,719 bytes - - - 7 pages PDF

author: Percy W. Heward

An important essay, as some neo-grammarians are want to declare that the Holy Spirit is not a Person, or that He is genderless!

It has been reported that Mr. Heward (deceased) had Arthur W. Pink as one of his students in some of his Bible studies in England! Sound teaching herein, prints quite well, a short enjoyable read.



Who Is the "god" of II Corinthians 4:4?

SIZE: ~ 3.5 MB - - - 11 pages PDF

A brief clear exposition. I present my case why I think this "god" is GOD, the YHWH of the Bible.